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Widescreen Menu

Post by Dantoshou »

Hi, I looked online and can see this used to be a feature of OpenMW. When I look in the menus for this however I cannot find it in the previously specified place. I have many mods installed on Morrowind including widescreen replacements and lovely loading screens. Is there still a way to fix the menu so it displays in widescreen with OpenMW? It just gives the user a false impression that we are going back to 4:3 aspect ration before you load into the game and see a modern display format.

Thanks for any assistance in advance!
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Re: Widescreen Menu

Post by AnyOldName3 »

The setting is https://openmw.readthedocs.io/en/latest ... background. We have to have it behind a setting instead of autodetecting the aspect ratio as the original background is actually square but intended to be displayed as 4:3 anyway.
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