Thank you for implementing head-bobbing and some suggestions...

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Thank you for implementing head-bobbing and some suggestions...

Post by Arx »

I have been a silent lurker and player for many years now. I wanted to say a big fat thank you everyone involved! Morrowind will live on for many, many years thanks to your effords :D

What i really, really appreciate in this latest version is the inclusion of a head-bob feature. It may not be vanilla, but to me, it makes this game so much more enjoyable. Last year, user Stomy viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5985 already implemented a head-bob feature that did not get merged into the master for some seems to have been somewhat rough around the edges but i really loved the idea of combing head-bobbing and weapon/arm sway like in modern games.
My request is whether it would be possible to refine the head-bob feature a bit more? Maybe add the weapon/arm swaying and maybe add a sort of head-roll so when you look to the side, the camera slightly pitches in that direction. The head-bob makes the whole walking around part of Morrowind so much more enjoyable to me.
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Re: Thank you for implementing head-bobbing and some suggestions...

Post by ptmikheev »

Sorry for a late answer, I haven't noticed your post before.

I've implemented head-bobbing this way because it was simple and took only a few lines of code.
Weapon/arm sway requires non-trivial changes in the animation system. I agree that Stomy's solution looks better, but it was rejected because the implementation was too complicated.

Later (as soon as we add animation bindings, probably in 0.48.0 release) it will be possible to implement weapon sway as a Lua mod.
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