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Developer checklist

Post by DestinedToDie » 03 Mar 2017, 07:59

1. Register on the forums.
2. Register on our issue tracker
3. Download and install the ExampleSuite and OpenMW-Template. Files can be found on
4. Familiarize yourself with this guide.

When done, you can load up the latest version and look around to get an idea of available work. If you want to make a proper model for a placeholder, check if it's been taken in our bugtracker. If not, you're free to make an issue and assign yourself to it.

After you are done, upload the .blend, .nif and .dds files to your issue and mark it 100% done. In doing so be aware that you are licensing it as CC-BY-3.0. I will move it to the pending section and review it and either send it back for revision or include it with our files.

OpenMW-CS does not yet have a robust addon system where a lot of people can make a lot of addons and merge it all together without issues arising. For the sake of simplicity, we are allowing only 1 person at a time to have hands on them.

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