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Re: OpenMW Template art

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Tes96 wrote: 27 Aug 2021, 18:50 So someone would have to make an animation from scratch that looked just like it or close to it?
Does OpenMW allow for better animation support, at least at the v1.0.0 mark?
For the Template / Example Suite, that is exactly the plan. It's just real life (work) getting in the way these days, hence slower progress. is the latest preview and the bird creature concept posted by mclawliet is related to that.

Will be nice to animate a better looking model than the placeholder I made. We went for a more developed version of 6. and will soon have the final candidate. Soon meaning there's only a few design details left to do, depending on her available time, of course.
mclawliet wrote: 23 Aug 2021, 20:21 And here are some sketches I've been working on the bird. I've made some more feathered and some reptilian versions. Lamoot is leaning towards 5 and 6, so I'll make new sketches, mixing features of those two in the following days. But which bird do you like the most? :)
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