Application: apelsin12 new and confused

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Application: apelsin12 new and confused

Post by apelsin12 » 05 Jul 2019, 23:32

Hello! My name is Axel Vestin, I thought I'd try my hand at contributing some code.

I currently work as a software developer and I have some graphics experience, mainly in OpenGL and I'm a full time Linux user so It seems I'll fit right in! :geek:

I am new to contributing to bigger open source projects though, and I'm confused.

I found this issue:

Which was a very low hanging fruit, which seemed appropiate, and fixing the typo is no problem, but where do I go from there?

Reading ... ion_Wanted it explicitly states that I should fork on GitLab and clone locally and work from there

But ... ing_Policy says that I should go through GitHub with my Pull Request?

Is that the offical right way?

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Re: Application: apelsin12 new and confused

Post by raevol » 06 Jul 2019, 01:58

Gitlab is the preferred method to my knowledge, we may need to update some of our documentation.

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