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Application: nelsson

Posted: 21 Mar 2018, 22:32
by unelsson
My new hobby seems to be going through code of openMW and tes3mp, reading bug reports, thinking how to solve them etc. I've already learned a lot, and solved a minor personal tes3mp-related problem by coding this viewtopic.php?f=45&t=5035#p53178 . I'd like to go deeper, and work on squishing couple of (minor/easy-to-fix) openmw-bugs without slowing down the work of skilled coders. With my experience, fixing bugs properly will take time, as I have to learn coding and how openmw is implemented along the way. I find the project fascinating, and I think I can learn a lot through participating. I'm also interested in testing, giving feedback etc.

I have some programming background, but I'm not an expert in anything. I programmed my first game when I was 5 years old, so technically I've coded for over 25 years, yet not very intensively. I've dabbled with at least basic, qbasic, turbo pascal, c, c++, python, javascript, arduino, html and recently lua. I have zero (useful) education in coding, everything I know is from books, tutorials and tips from other coders.

Here are some of my sample coding works that are partially my writing, partially copy-paste -functions from wherever in internet.

Bliaron Spellbuilder (javascript / html)
source javascript: ... builder.js

Robot controlling code (python)

Robot code, crude ai (arduino)

And links to some other projects of mine:

Hurja robot (design and build)

Bliaron - Kalthanien perintö (roleplaying game, head designer, finnish language only) ... rkattu.pdf

Re: Application: nelsson

Posted: 22 Mar 2018, 07:31
by lysol
Tervetuloa! Seems like you've started to get to know the code a bit already, so I guess you already read through the developer checklist?

Re: Application: nelsson

Posted: 22 Mar 2018, 11:11
by unelsson
Yes, I've read it and I now finally forked the repository. I've read the policies and standards and substantial parts of the developer reference. Small local experiments on the code are running fine.