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Application: Orlando; and check out my little feature fork

Posted: 04 Nov 2017, 00:23
by orlando
Hi Guys,
my name is Orlando. I'm new to c++, new to openmw, not so new to programming worked for 2,5 years as a java student dev.

I just had this little thing that annoyed me about the UI. After everytime you try to enchant something the enchant window closes. I do a lot of enchanting in my games and I enchant myself. That fails fairly often and It's really annoying and repetetive to open the enchant window and redo your enchantment every time it fails. So I changed that to stay open, after you either failed or succeeded enchanting. You can still close the window by pressing cancel. Here's my fork:

Check it out, see if you like it. Maybe we can merge it back. If I need to fix something about it first let me know.

Also I know it's not strictly vanilla morrowind. But I think it just makes the game less annoying to play and does not change the dynamic to much appart from that.

I'd like to contribute some more to openmw. I think it's a really great project! :D



Re: Application: Orlando; and check out my little feature fork

Posted: 05 Nov 2017, 17:14
by scrawl
Hello and welcome.

There are numerous ways the game could be made even more grind-friendly. Yours is an interesting one, I just think it shouldn't be the default because that's not what most players will do out of the gate. How about:

a) The window stays open if the enchantment failed and another filled soulgem of the same type is available.
or b) The window stays open if you hold down 'Ctrl' when you click the Create button.

Any other ideas?

Re: Application: Orlando; and check out my little feature fork

Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 01:50
by orlando
I think keeping the window open, when the enchantment fails makes sense. Only keeping the window open if the player has another soulgem, with the same amount of charge is a bit to specific, I would say. Keeping it open if the enchanting fails and the player has any more filled soulgems makes more sense in my mind. Also since Soulgems don't stack, you have to select another soul gem every time anyway. So there is no risk of the player accidentally using a more expensive one.

Option b sounds interesting, but the player would need to know that they can keep the window open by holding ctrl. Maybe a checkbox would make more sense.

Then there's also the question of what the harm would be in making this the default behaviour. Even if new players would not try enchanting repeatedly the window staying open is not very inconvenient. It's just one click to close it. If you want to try again, opening it back up and selecting the same enchantment on the other hand is quite some hassle.