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Re: Application - Gaius

Post by hircine » 31 Dec 2012, 14:17

Zedd wrote:
hircine wrote: watch out, the herrbakta is watching ;)
Don't worry, he has been afk for a month now I think :).

So, how's the example suite coming anyways?
Have to redo a couple of things, will talk about it soon. once my blood stops boiling from dead solid states.

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Re: Application - Gaius

Post by gaiusimperator » 31 Dec 2012, 17:46

Wow, there has been a lot of talking over here. I have gotten my environment built, and I am looking over the code. It looks rather shiny if I say so myself. I'll get started in the New Year if I am not hungover from the festivities.

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Re: Application - Gaius

Post by Chris » 31 Dec 2012, 22:59

blunted2night wrote:I had a look in there, and even reworked it to not bother with the map at all, and instead just normalize the path names before sending them down to Ogre's default implementation.
The map is needed for non-Windows systems that have case-sensitive file systems. Otherwise trying to load "Meshes/foo.NIF" will fail if it's named "meshes/Foo.nif".*

The map itself can probably be improved, though. Perhaps by using an 64-bit integer hash as the key, built from the lower-cased and path-normalized filename, with the value being the case-correct path. Or worse case, using a lower-case/normalized version of the file name as the key, then the input filename is lower-cased/normalized before lookup. That would allow it to use the normal string compare instead of a slower case-insensitive compare.

* This will also be a problem with installing mods, BTW. If one mod installs Meshes/foo.nif and another installs meshes/foo.NIF, which do we get? We'd need a mod manager that correctly handles this when installing/removing files. Wrye Mash in Wine works, but it's less than ideal.

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Re: Application - Gaius

Post by blunted2night » 01 Jan 2013, 01:51

Ogre tries to handle this, but it doesn't remember the original case for an indexed file so even though it thinks its gonna work, it will end up failing anyways.


It seems like this should be fixed in Ogre instead of hacked around in openmw, but I doubt anyone wants to maintain a patch against Ogre until a change like that could be up-streamed. It may be worthwhile though as some of my profiling makes me want to make some minor changes to how Ogre handles archives to kill unneeded work.

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Re: Application - Gaius

Post by sirherrbatka » 03 Jan 2013, 21:09

Yes. I'm scum! :twisted:
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