Application: Tetramir

Join the team. This area is for people who want to participate in OpenMW's development in one way or another.
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Application: Tetramir

Post by tetramir »

Hello, I'm an engine programmer at Ubisoft, I have been working on my studio's in house engine for 3 years.

I'd really love to contribute to OpenMW, especially with the ESM reader merge request, I'd love to see what I can do to bring more features to get Oblivion and Skyrim closer to playable.
I am used to high performance, multithreaded programming, and I hope my free time can be useful to the team. I know C++ (although I'm usually more old school than the code I see on here ^^), OpenGL and glsl. But I can do more general programming. I'm use d to large codebase and I'm not afraid by them.

Hope I can help!
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Re: Application: Tetramir

Post by wazabear »

Welcome Tetramir!

I'm excited for the current work surrounding ESM reading of later games, as I know many others are too. It was a welcome surprise when cc9cii came on board and started work on moving their earlier progress to upstream, maybe you saw some of their videos (based off an earlier version of the engine which no longer shares the same renderer). I remember being in awe when I saw oblivion worlds being rendered in OpenMW. When I built cc9cii's fork myself it was surreal traveling to Shivering Isles and spawning Mehrunes Dagon, even with the obvious outstanding shortcomings.

If Discord is your cup of tea, here is a link to the server which is fairly active. At least it is more active then the forums nowadays, it also includes a Matrix bridge.

We have a wiki that was recently migrated to Gitlab here which can walk you through setting up a development environment in any major OS and giving you a broad overview on some key aspects of the engine. As for getting involved, there are certainly plenty of opportunities, and I'm sure others will chime in here when they are a bit less busy. The Gitlab is best place to keep up to date with current issues and such. From personal experience, I know the OpenMW developers are more then willing to answering questions and guide new developers.

Hope to see you around.
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Re: Application: Tetramir

Post by psi29a »

Welcome aboard!

Be sure to have a run down the development environment setup procedure. We try to keep as up to date as possible, so if you struggle, get in contact with us. :) ... ment_setup

You can also use IRC or Matrix where we have a bridge to Discord so we're all in one place.
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