Adding an "OpenMW mods" section to this forum.

Anything related to PR, release planning and any other non-technical idea how to move the project forward should be discussed here.
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Adding an "OpenMW mods" section to this forum.

Post by Moromaster »

This forum has a "modding support" and "modding compatibility" section, but no general "morrowind mods" section.

As Bethesda has deprecated the Morrowind modding forums, it seems like there isn't a good place for modders to showcase work. Maybe Reddit is the place, but I see this as inferior to what we previously had.

I would love it if this forum had a location to showcase [WIPs] and [Releases]. I think it would drive the project forward if this forum became the de facto place to showcase modding activity.
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Re: Adding an "OpenMW mods" section to this forum.

Post by psi29a »

I did some switcharoo stuff for viewforum.php?f=40; to be more inclusive I renamed it "General Modding" and modified the text a bit. This should help foster the kind of environment you are asking about?

Idea is that the forum doesn't get enough traffic (yet?) to warrant a new sub-forum, but we can re-purpose an existing one to fit that need. It's just a name.

I feel like any modders who wish to find their mods a home for showcasing, they are free to do so here. :)

With the added benefit of making sure they work with OpenMW!
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Re: Adding an "OpenMW mods" section to this forum.

Post by claudekennilol »

To be fair, the old green forums died long before they were purged. Well, actually when they did a "soft purge" and deleted old content. I went from 5 stars to 1 because I was waaay more active in MW's heyday and then during Oblivion than I was for Skyrim. But when they deleted that history they didn't keep user's post history accurate, it was just metadata around what was existing--so when those were deleted user stats just disappeared. That was when I completely gave up on the forums and never went back. I still miss seeing [spotted owl]--whenever I bring it up I'm the only one that even remembers that it was just their profanity filter for "ass".
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