GUI Overhaul

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Re: GUI Overhaul

Post by lysol » 08 Oct 2019, 09:29

PerryHugh wrote:
08 Oct 2019, 04:47
I didn't contact him there because I really don't like making accounts on websites. Though his layout files would surely be appreciated if he ever comes back, shame he didn't push them.
PM:ing him would send him an e-mail, so it shouldn't be hard to get in touch with him...

Anyway, this sounds interesting, but hardly anyone of the devs would be able to test it, since they're lacking controllers... Maybe a video would be handy?
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Re: GUI Overhaul

Post by PerryHugh » 09 Oct 2019, 21:20

I don't think a video would be very insightful at this point, perhaps once the XBOX UI is implemented. The entirety of the keyboard control interface is very temporary and should be disposed of later, that is why the first task is making each menu susceptible to a control change.

Due to the way the gamepad is currently implemented, it can somewhat be tested without a controller. However, if the mouse is used to even hover over a menu, control may break without a controller in hand. To be fair, because there is no keyboard key to toggle the mouse cursor, testing this way will not really produce equivalent results as some controls may be ignored without the cursor off.

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Re: GUI Overhaul

Post by Greendogo » 12 Oct 2019, 12:01

PerryHugh wrote:
07 Oct 2019, 05:04
Your zip file with pictures of the interface just helped me a ton, was about to go ages looking for a picture of the Xbox rest menu then I remembered your post here and browsed to see if you've uploaded them already.

Double post, but had to drop a thank you.
Oh shucks, you're welcome! :D

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