OpenMW port to ps4

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Re: OpenMW port to ps4

Post by Thunderforge » 27 Jun 2018, 04:36

This is what the agreement from the Bethesda correspondence was:
In return, we'll (OpenMW Team) not focus on running Morrowind with OpenMW on non-PC platforms. This means no videos on our blog or blog posts exclusively to this effect. If we do post any information, be it video or blog post, for non-PC platforms, that it should have to do with our own content.
The current Android port running Morrowind meets this agreement, and I think if a PS4 port did the same, we would be fine. We will never post a blog post saying "OpenMW now runs Morrowind on PlayStation 4" (or Android for that matter), but there is no reason that people cannot experiment with it so long as it's not officially endorsed. That said, we could post a blog post saying "OpenMW now runs Example Suite and other original games on PlayStation 4" without mentioning Morrowind.

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Re: OpenMW port to ps4

Post by psi29a » 27 Jun 2018, 06:45

None that I foresee, we've been active in asking posters to not have their screenshots hosted on the forums here and use only imgurl and the like. That is what we promised, that we (OpenMW) wouldn't display images of Morrowind running on non-PC systems. That doesn't mean you can't using other platforms.

Thunderforge is correct.

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