Onscreen Controller Keyboard

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Re: Onscreen Controller Keyboard

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The dual-touch steam keyboard doesn't work very well on regular sticks, too low precision for it - I've tried.
The blossom/flower keyboard that they have does work very well for sticks though, it's just not very intuitive if you haven't used it before.
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Re: Onscreen Controller Keyboard

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Chris wrote: 05 Aug 2017, 23:29 On-screen controls like that are actually handled by the OS, which gives a common control applet for all games on a given console or "smart" device but also tends to look out of place (it's not in the same visual style as the game). SDL has a function to bring up on-screen keyboards when text input is needed, but I think it only works for systems that have an applet like that. If it doesn't, something needs to be made manually, so why not theme it like the game?
I'm guessing that macOS, Windows, and Linux don't have that? Otherwise, our work would be done for us.
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Re: Onscreen Controller Keyboard

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Hi..I have a friend suffering from the same issue using XBOX ONE controller, could you please detail the steps you took to end the issue?, does launching steam games from another client solve the issue?, and do you need to keep steam open as long as you play a steam game that you launched through another client?
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