OpenMW 0.32.0

Anything related to PR, release planning and any other non-technical idea how to move the project forward should be discussed here.
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Re: OpenMW 0.32.0

Post by ap0 » 18 Sep 2014, 08:16

Congrats :)

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Re: OpenMW 0.32.0

Post by ElderTroll » 19 Sep 2014, 01:03

Excellent work, everyone involved! I updated the Moddb page and the Ogre3d release thread. We're approaching the 1.0 event horizon. Who wants to take bets? My money is that 0.37.0 = 1.0.
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Re: OpenMW 0.32.0

Post by Berandas » 19 Sep 2014, 18:55

Congratz on the release!
I did some deeper playthrough with tons of mods and encountered some flaws that caught my eye. Some of them are already mentioned in the tracer, some of them might be only mod related, but I thought it would be a good idea to mention them all here. Hope there is not many false reports since I wasn't using a completely new character for this testing.
The framerate of the game is generaly lower (mostly in cities), compared to moded original Morrowind, but it's much better than several releases ago.

Rain feels very weird, like there is only few drips ahead of the PC and it's very obvious that the particle emitter is moving with the PC. It feels like an overlay animation on the screen...reminds me of Daggerfall. :-) Also is not stopped by objects above (roofs, bridges, etc.).

Loading adjacent exterior cells is very slow (slower than vanilla) and sometimes is executed several times in a row, even when going short distance in a straight line. Also recently left cell has to be loaded again when you return into it, which I believe didn't occur in vanilla. It's a pain especially when fighting a creature on the border of two cells and the fight is interrupted several times because of the loading.
Personally I think this is the most annoying problem in OpenMW now.

Some console commands are still not working. ("help" for example)

Global map could use "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons, when playing with landscape mods.

Horizon mesh should have the same Z position as player, because when the player is walking in the mountains (high altitude of the western lands of TR), it's too low and the sky blends directly to the visible land on the horizon. This probably won't be such a problem when some sort of distant land is implemented. It feels odd now though.

shadows distortion - this is ogre related, but ... shadows are too sharp, especially on cloudy days, during dark nights and in rainy or snowy weather. Also there are some glitches in the shaodw rendering, for example when rocks are merging into the ground, the shadow is not rendered properly, so it sometimes looks like they're floating above the ground or something.
Shadows of objects that are not yet visible (because of the fog on the horizon) are rendered. For example, during the morning, you can see shadows of cliff racers floating in the air somwhere in the fog on horizon.

NPCs are sometimes jumping at each other when passing around or turning, or sometimes they are spawned in the air after entering the cell.
NPCs and creatures are still hitting each other when attacking the PC.
NPC pathfinding is very bad, also when they have very little space, they walk in circles.
Guar in combat was runing towards me and was unable to hit me, similar to messed up mudcrab and scamp animations, probably some mod issue, since I have some replacers for those.
Also Cliff Racer is unable to hit the player.

Objects submerged into the ground have often "jumpy" or flickering edges. Why is this happening, is this ogre related?

Containers from "containers animated" mod don't have their animation working.

Particle systems sometimes act weird when entering new cell. They burst, or appear fully emitted, disappears and then starts from nothing again.

When falling down off the landscape (for example at the edge of TR landscape) at the border or exterior cell and then returning back to the cell, vanilla MW put PC back on the landscape surface, OpenMW leaves the PC in the water.

Explore>Battle music transition is too rough...or...there is none, the explore track just stops and the battle one starts playing. It feels unpleasant.

when you are prepared for an attack (by holding left mouse button), open an inventory, release the button and close the inventory, the weapon is still held as you would be holding the button.

Magic projectiles are not rendered properly, although this might be some mod issue, can someone confirm that?
Creature AI would require some tweaking, for example when I am attacked by a hunger and paralyzed by his spell, he doesn't attack me, he just keeps casting paralyze over and over. (Or perhaps he is, since there is some swish sound, but he was unable to hit me during that phase, although he was able to hit me after he ran out of mana).
Same goes for the NPCs, they're buffing themselves over and over, then attack with melee when out of mana.
Archers should be equiping their melee weapons when engaged in close range combat.

swg skies moons are not rendered correctly, there are just two translucent circles.

unequipping 1h weapon and shield (changing for a bow for example) unwears the shield, so you have to equip it manually again, when you wield your 1h again.

Some windows from "windows glow" mod have wrong orientation.

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