OpenMW Nightly builds

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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Natural » 09 Apr 2020, 09:02

Ah, that's understandable. My first thought was having the enter key be used to activate search, but that might only be intuitive for me, and not in the majority of cases, and it might not even be possible or practical because it might be used elsewhere.

How do I turn off the menu keyboard navigation? Is there something I need to add myself to cfg file?

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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Capostrophic » 09 Apr 2020, 10:34

Like in most interfaces outside of the game, Tab changes the focused widget, there's no special functionality for the search fields, they just *can* be under the focus.

To disable keyboard navigation, add this to your settings.cfg file:

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keyboard navigation = false
If GUI category is already present there, just add the setting in it.

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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by EisigGefroren » 10 Apr 2020, 10:37

Continued alternative mirror in case of hosting problems. I then try to post it on last page.
Some of the latest Changelogs.
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by gox » 26 Apr 2020, 08:07

So, any new versions for windows?... Why there are nightlies for linux, but not for Windows?

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Ace (SWE)
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Ace (SWE) » 29 Apr 2020, 05:35

Ah sorry, set up everything to do the new builds, and then the build automation failed and I haven't had time to look at it due to the ongoing situation.

I'll trigger new builds manually for now.

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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Equinox » 02 May 2020, 13:11

FPS won't go above 60, even though the limit set is higher. Latest nightly. Anyone having the same?

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Ace (SWE)
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Ace (SWE) » 03 May 2020, 17:55

Just switched the nightly source, now the downloads will be based from the systems that I help maintain instead of the other computer club at the university. Hopefully this means better availability.
The current nightly builds are done with the new OSG 3.4.2 packages, unfortunate the CI script isn't quite ready yet, so some additional DLLs seem to have snuck in alongside the builds, but that will be fixed for the future nightlies.

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Still having issues w/ MOP on latest nightly

Post by caiuscosadesonlyfans » 06 May 2020, 21:26

I read that an issue causing flames on torches to not appear when using the Morrowind Optimization Patch was fixed in the past few days on the nightly branch, but I reinstalled the nightly yesterday and again today but I'm still having that issue. Any obvious reason this might be happening?

Edit: I believe this is the commit containing the fix. I've seen a post on reddit saying building from source fixed this for them, is there any reason this commit wouldn't have made it into the x64 windows nightly release that's available right now? I'd rather not setup git on windows if I don't have to.

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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by AnyOldName3 » 07 May 2020, 12:38

Git would be the least of your worries. Anyhow, nightlies have been broken for a while, but Ace is on the case.
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Ace (SWE)
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Ace (SWE) » 07 May 2020, 19:02

The nightly builds are actually running just fine, but they've been on fixed commits for a while as I was dealing with some issues with the build system - and building/testing different OSG versions.
I think I'll unlock them again though, as I should be done with that testing for now.

Have some hardware lined up to take to task for delegating whole thing - instead of running the builds on my own machine, but the current situation has put those plans back quite a bit.
The hosting system has been replaced though, (with one that I'm maintaining myself) so all the issues due to broken storage nodes or failing web servers shouldn't happen any more.

On an unrelated note

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