OpenMW Nightly builds

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Ace (SWE)
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OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Ace (SWE) » 08 Sep 2013, 16:54

Links to the latest builds of OpenMW can be found here, fresh off the presses.

Windows nightly builds, updated every morning between 04:00 - 04:30 CET/CEST;

Link to latest working build: Image (Download)

Link to latest working build: Image (Download)

A full history of builds might be viewable later, just not focusing on that part of the system.
If there are questions about these builds then I can be easiest reached by PM or as Ananace on the IRC channel.

If everything's working properly, new builds should be available at this link after every merge, not just once a day. We're still ironing out the kinks, so nightlies are still available at the links above. ... ref=master

Instructions on which buttons to press once you've clicked that link are here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1808&start=490#p68521

The above link should now also work for MacOS builds, but you want to choose the MacOS job and download a DMG file.

People have found it hard to find the new "nightlies", so I'm updating with a nice picture. Either through the link AoN3 posted above or directly on, you can click on the icon I've marked with number 1 in this screenshot, then pick the OS of your choice:

The old nightlies likely won't be back, they haven't been updated for months and I don't think Ace plans to get them back since we have other nightlies nowadays.
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by WeirdSexy » 08 Sep 2013, 19:52

Thank you so much for this, Ace.

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Ace (SWE)
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Ace (SWE) » 13 Nov 2013, 06:30

I've had to do some changes to my build setup for these, moved them up to start building around 4AM instead of 6AM. This is because it seem like Windows likes assigning all (ALL) of the system resources to a multi-processor compile if it can, which means it runs out of the CPU time and RAM needed to keep the system alive. It will build them all in a single thread now, so that shouldn't possibly be able to happen anymore but instead the builds will take longer to finish.

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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by dEnigma » 01 Dec 2013, 20:29

Thank you very much for this, I'm glad I don't have to set up a build environment myself^^
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by kingtiger01 » 04 Apr 2014, 15:57

Your build-bot is down Ace, it has been down for a few days now.

Also, would you share your build environment and scripts with us?

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Ace (SWE)
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Ace (SWE) » 04 Apr 2014, 22:28

Interesting, it's not the bot that's broken. The webserver seems to be down though...
I'd love if people would tell me when things like this break, I don't have the time to check every day if things are still working. Especially considering the daily build reports look fine to me. (I'm always on the IRC, just mentioning me by name there would be nice since that hilights and notifies me)

Anyway, you can find the build system I wrote on github:
And the build scripts I'm using to build OpenMW look like this:

Code: Select all

name: OpenMW x86 - Nightly

source: B:/Programming/Projects/OpenMW/Source
git: origin/master

    - CMake
    - Visual Studio 2010

    - ?rmdir /Q /S resources
    - ? OpenMW.sln /clean Release
    - cmake .
    - ?sed -i 's/ \/Zm1000/ \/MP \/Zm1000/' apps/launcher/omwlauncher.vcxproj
    - ?sed -i 's/ \/Zm1000/ \/MP \/Zm1000/' apps/openmw/openmw.vcxproj
    - ?sed -i 's/ \/Zm1000/ \/MP \/Zm1000/' apps/opencs/opencs.vcxproj
    - ?sed -i 's/ \/Zm1000/ \/MP \/Zm1000/' components/components.vcxproj

    - OpenMW.sln /build Release /project PACKAGE

      - publish:
          source: OpenMW-*-win32.exe

      - email:
          recipient: [email protected]
      - publish:
          source: build.log
      - publish:
          source: .analytics.json
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Amenophis » 25 Apr 2014, 11:16

Since April 21st no new builds.
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Greendogo » 25 Apr 2014, 16:56

That's when the last commit was, probably. There's only a new build when there are changes to the code.

Edit: Or maybe builds are broken again? Last commit to master was 3 hours ago or so.

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Ace (SWE)
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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by Ace (SWE) » 27 Apr 2014, 09:28

Apparently the FTP server was broken, it's fixed now and the builds should update again.

I might be looking for another place to host these since it seems like my friend can't keep his servers fully operational...

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Re: OpenMW Nightly builds

Post by SquireNed » 27 Apr 2014, 21:19

Tell me what to do and I can see if it'll work on my server.

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