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Odd Difference Between OpenMW and Morrowind

Posted: 02 May 2021, 21:25
by DarthImperious
First, as this is the first time I'm posting, I'd like to thank the wonderful creators and supporters of OpenMW. Morrowind is one of my favorite games of all time, and the ability to play it nearly bug free, crash free, and with smooth frame rates is amazing. Honestly, OpenMW almost makes it a whole new game.

Now, onto my observation: Whenever you go to swap what's equipped in your main hand, be it a lockpick, probe, or weapon, if your character is currently performing an animation with that weapon, you get the message "Finish your current attack before equipping a new weapon". This was not the case in vanilla Morrowind. I fondly remember how ridiculous it would look swaping to, say, the Spear of Bitter Mercy after lockpicking a chest and watch as my character gently twisted the spear in front of him.

Now, this isn't a large "problem" at all, and indeed I assume it's intentional. But it does cause a small but noticeable delay in many actions in the game. Such as after I lockpick a chest, I have to wait for the second that it takes to finish the animation before I can equip a probe and disarm the trap. In vanilla Morrowind, I could swap right away. I still had to wait the same amount of time before I could take the disarm action, but I could at least swap the probe right away. Now I have to guess when the animation is considered complete. With weapons, this is fairly obvious, but with spells, it is a rather long period of time, as even after casting the spell, the character has to bob his hands down, back up, and take a breath before he can swap to a weapon or tool.

Again, this may be completely intentional, and it may be due to a conflict I am unaware of, or to fix some other, more serious bug. It's just one of the few examples in OpenMW of there being a regression in features, vice progression, so it stood out to me as quite odd. I'd love to have this mystery solved so it can stop itching my brain!

Thanks a lot everyone!

Re: Odd Difference Between OpenMW and Morrowind

Posted: 04 May 2021, 08:25
by ezze
In one of the morrowind speed runs they attack with a weapon and swap to a lockpick before hitting, doing so would kill instantly anything.
I think that behavior has been fixed in the official game too as you see in OpenMW, so that the speedrun trick needed an old version to be executed.

Do you have a fully updated game to test on?

Re: Odd Difference Between OpenMW and Morrowind

Posted: 08 May 2021, 19:25
by DarthImperious
Ah, I had no idea about that glitch.

I'm currently playing the fully updated version, but my memories are from when I first played it, oh, over a decade ago. It's very possible the base game is where the fix occurred.

I'll boot up the game from steam without OpenMW and see what happens there.