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Back (Almost)

Post by Zini »

Yeah, so 2019 hates me.

So far I had internet trouble (twice), some harmless but unpleasant and persistent health problems and then my hardware failed.

Even better, the supplier I normally get my computers from isn't doing business anymore and apparently it is almost impossible to find any shop that builds you a custom computer around here. I finally found one this week (30 minutes out). Not sure how that will work out. The delivery date was supposed to be next Monday and I was supposed to get a confirmation for that by now. Didn't happen. Therefore I suspect Monday will not happen either.

Anyway, it shouldn't take too long now until I am back in action. Unless I am getting run over by a car or a crashing plane lands on my head. Neither would surprise me at this point. So far not a single good thing happened to me this year, except that I discovered my love for mechanical keyboards.

Oh, wait. That was actually in the last week of 2018. So yeah, 2019 hates me.
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by davidcernat »

It's good to have you back. I wish this year had gone better for you.

Hopefully, the second half will work out much more nicely.
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by klorax »

Welcome back!
Same feeling for 2019, hope things get better!


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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by raevol »

Good to hear from you, hope things start looking better!!
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by psi29a »

Welcome back.
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by silentthief »

Good to know that you are doing (relatively) well. Hope that things get better soon.

100% not a dev, but I know a little about Linux, MW, and scripting. I try to help. LMK if you have any questions.

Current MW quote: "I don't recall using teleportation. Yet there I was. Alone. Naked."
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by Ravenwing »

We're all excited to have you back Zini! Here's to a healthier and happier rest of the year!
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by sirherrbatka »

I discovered my love for mechanical keyboards.
Good, very good indeed. I am typing on the unicomp model M keyboard right now as well.

I hope that your health will improve though.
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by Wanderer »

Glad you're still kicking, zini. Hope things are improving. This is eldertroll btw (tried requesting my password but never received the email).
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Re: Back (Almost)

Post by faerietree »

No, say, really? Welcome to life my dear! In this world things break automatically (it's a feature).In this world even more important matters break. And those not even can be repaired ever. So then, you can say you are in trouble.

May the health and heart of you and those you love wander under a bright friendly star. If you never give up then you never lose (even if it feels different haha)
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