Race height/weight limited to minimum of 0.5 scale

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Re: Race height/weight limited to minimum of 0.5 scale

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unelsson wrote: 17 Apr 2019, 12:20 I've been trying to find this limitation in code, so far without any success. It feels artificial, although I'm not sure if it's necessary for some Morrowind fixes or mods.
it is for a mod that was broken by the unreplicated behavior because it can't use it a variable store, Morrowind resets scale to 0.5-2.0 on save and load by setting scale to 3 you could detect if the player has reloaded since it would become 2 on load. Chris(i think was one of the biggest opponents of this "fix") because he felt that mods shouldn't rely on broken behavior, but ultimately it was decide to replicate the bad Morrowind behavior to fix the mod.
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