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Re: OpenGEX as .Nif alternative for OpenMW

Post by Lamoot » 05 Jul 2020, 13:57

unelsson wrote:
02 Jul 2020, 15:10
We need a logic for standard structure of dae/whatever models with animation. How does the system know which is the "root node", the base of everything... Is there a good standard for this? What is the easiest and most foolproof way?
I've done animations mostly for Unity and there isn't an exact standard way you need to name bones or other elements. I always name the first bone in the rig's hierarchy "root" and it's good practice to do so. However the root bone is always under the rig object, and is not the top-most in file's hierarchy. Above it is the rig object that houses the bones. Beside the rig are the meshes.

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For instance movement, I replied in the issue at gitlab ... _373799270 In essence, the top-most bone of the rig doesn't need to be the top-most node of the hierarchy. The movement of the bone is transfered up the hierarchy and the bone muted, to get the root motion effect.

In a general-purpose engine like Unity, the bone for root-motion can be configured through the editor's interface. For specialized OpenMW, this probably won't be customizable so a strict requirement for naming and hierarchy is needed. Perhaps saying there needs to be a root bone that is immediate child of the rig, armature, skeleton object.

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