Possible Texture Bug in OpenMW Example Suite?

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Possible Texture Bug in OpenMW Example Suite?

Post by openmwfan27 » 16 May 2016, 11:04

I was doing some work on the mod manager to make it import the game's settings.ini data (this would be Morrowind.ini for Morrowind ) when it's building the openmw.cfg file when starting the game and properly finding the .bsa archives in the game's data folder. Previously i had made it merge the existing openmw.cfg file and just change the values it needed for that game which isn't ideal as having more then one game using the same openmw.cfg file and merging it on each run would cause settings to 'leak' between games.

Anyway doing the above had resolved an issue where i had erronously thought the example suite had the morrowind .bsa's as a dependancy, as far as i'm aware though the example suite still requires the Morrowind.ini to function (someone please correct me if i'm wrong on that as i'd like to know what i'm doing wrong).

However it did highlight a strange issue or possible bug that i had not noticed before because the morrowind moons and the example suite moons are so similar.

Without having the morrowind .bsa's in the example suite's game data folder and not having the fallback-archive entries for them in the openmw.cfg i noticed the moons work fine on the first night of the game, but on subsequent nights they show as bright purple as if the texture for them could not be found despite the texture working fine first time round.

When i put the morrowind .bsa's back into the game's data folder and build the openmw.cfg files with the fallback-archive entries for them, i do not get the bright purple textures however it looks like the moon textures on the first night are different to all other nights?

To show what i mean a bit better here are two videos:

Without the morrowind .bsa's:

With the morrowind .bsa's:

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Re: Possible Texture Bug in OpenMW Example Suite?

Post by scrawl » 16 May 2016, 13:21

There are different textures for each moon cycle. Most likely the example suite so far only inludes the "full moon" variant. You will also need:

Code: Select all

(and the same for secunda, ofc).

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Re: Possible Texture Bug in OpenMW Example Suite?

Post by psi29a » 16 May 2016, 13:25

I can confirm that we don't have all the textures for the moons in latest ES. It's on the list. :)

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Re: Possible Texture Bug in OpenMW Example Suite?

Post by Cramal » 16 May 2016, 14:30

We could just copy several time the same texture, for a real game it may ,ot be enough, but for now it may solve temporarily the problem

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