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PBR test

Post by gus » 19 Apr 2016, 11:43


I did for fun a small PBR (physical based rendering) shader with cook thorrance (the same than in UE4 I believe) in openmw. This is really hacky - I simply replaced the doLighting function in shaders and every parameters are harcoded so every object uses the same parameters.
Obviously this is not working so well with vanilla Morrowing as I believe it would change how you place/handle lights.

I also have a problem with shaders that I don't really get but for some reasons shaders errors do not show up in openmw.log (while they show up in the console). It's complaning about diffuseMapUV not beeing defined in a fragment shader, so many objects appear black.

Here are some preliminary results:

not "rough"
Edit: had some bug in code, looks better now. I'm also artificially increasing the light in the shader otherwise it's way too dark.

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Re: PBR test

Post by lysol » 19 Apr 2016, 15:09

Nice! :) Perhaps I'll have to redo all my Vivec textures someday? :)
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Re: PBR test

Post by sjek » 19 Apr 2016, 21:26

technically.. would this be shader on top of specular and bump maps and whatnot also vanilla morrowind supports ported to the engine. while using the (mesh, texture, txt..) defined parameters to render defined "physically correct" materials

if so. can the overlap be customised althought that goes complicated pretty fast.

edit: not to tamper discussion with hard questions, those pics looks great. just a firestorch with flame animation or something extra makes the first one stand out. other one is already seraph or terminator
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