Things are awfully quiet

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Things are awfully quiet

Post by raevol » 27 Jun 2015, 05:46

I know scrawl is chugging away on the OSG port, his activity on github is unreal, but things are awfully quiet here on the forums and on the planning side...

I mean I guess it's a good thing, progress is steadily being made toward release, but maybe we should make a little noise? What's our status and what can we expect in the near future?

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Re: Things are awfully quiet

Post by DanielCoffey » 27 Jun 2015, 07:31

I know the summer holidays always plays hamlet with any project's schedules - kids and other halves want to go outside and do stuff.

Just to give a little support that should tell you that the project is doing well and is on the right track, the performance of the OSG branch is amazing, even in its current state! I do appreciate the shaders are not running at the moment but even so, it is awesome when vsync is applied to lock fps to 60.

On my current machine which I do admit is a gaming PC (overclocked 4770K and overclocked 780ti) there are occasions where there is so little work for the GPU that it runs cool and slow. I am watercooled and my display on the front shows me the rise in my water temperature above ambient air. When running the OpenMW OSG build (0.36.0) I only get another 2 degrees above my idle temperature. The GPU is anywhere between 25% loaded in interiors to about 50% loaded in exteriors. This is at 2560x1440 and 2xAA.

Awesome work folks and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
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Re: Things are awfully quiet

Post by Zini » 27 Jun 2015, 08:55

The forum might be quite. Everything else isn't. OpenMW-CS is moving along quite swiftly (have a look at the roadmap and the tracker).

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Re: Things are awfully quiet

Post by ElderTroll » 27 Jun 2015, 12:00

I hear you, raevol.

scrawl continues his subjugation of all things code for our amusement. But! Check out the roadmap; it's the OpenMW-CS folks that are really killing it lately. Great job, cc9cii and zini and a bunch of other folks. Seems like things are really shaping up.

There was word of this being an extended period release. Let's go level up our high-five skill with our LGBT American friends. There's free mimosas and wedding cake once you reach a high enough level. :D

*edit zini beat me to it
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