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Re: TrueType font for OpenMW

Post by pvdk » 13 Mar 2015, 21:18

Except for the font there's nothing consistent about that Play-button as it is styled by the stylesheet. Same goes for the dropdown, so I don't see the problem with also using a non-system font.

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Re: TrueType font for OpenMW

Post by Isaskar » 06 Apr 2015, 11:37

It's been a while, but I've been doing even more work on this. I've been making slight adjustments to individual characters, as well as broad overhauls. The font had been through so many algorithms that it needed thorough optimization, making sure every character is drawn using as few points as possible.

One issue I've run into is balancing the sizes for books vs dialogue. Since you can't use individual settings for these, I've had to compromise. The font looks much thinner and lighter in dialogue compared to the original font, while it looks much thicker and heavier in books. It's as thick as it can be without causing formatting issues in books, and as thin as it can be without being hard to read and looking too different from the original. As I've already said, whatever font renderer OpenMW is using it renders fonts too thin at smaller sizes.

At this point (unless i can find a solution to the problem above) the font is completely done, with one exception: Cyrillic. Since I don't have a Russian copy of Morrowind, I actually have what it looks like in game, so there's nothing I can do to make it look better.

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Re: TrueType font for OpenMW

Post by psi29a » 19 Jul 2015, 12:04

Hey Isaskar, it's been awhile. :)

You still working on this? Any new versions?

I would love to use it in OpenMW's example-suite / template project.

Your current license that is included in version 0.6 states:
Copyright Isaskar, but you may use and modify this font as you like, just don't claim yo...
I'll honour the above, but can you license it under SIL or something similar?

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