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Unnamed NiNodes in weapons problem in First Person

Posted: 08 Nov 2014, 12:42
by Pherim
I just wanted to inform you about a bug I discovered when I was testing my Real Reflective Weapons: Iron mod with OpenMW: Apparently, if there is a NiNode in a weapon mesh which doesn't have a name, everything inside it is not displayed correctly in first person view - first I thought it would not be displayed at all, but in fact the claymore mesh can be seen in first person, only not in the hands of the character where it belongs, but floating somewhere to the right of the screen, rotating as the player moves the mouse around. On the ground and in third person view, everything appears to be normal, however. After giving the NiNodes a name in NifSkope, first person view is correct. This issue is definitely not present in Morrowind, as my mod works without any problems there.

Apart from that, Normal maps work as expected, however, I can also confirm this bug:
I am using the same effect on my blades, and it doesn't appear at all.

Re: Unnamed NiNodes in weapons problem in First Person

Posted: 14 Nov 2014, 14:58
by dEnigma
Pherim: After talking with scrawl, I took the liberty of posting (or pasting) your observations to the bug tracker

If you have anything else to add you could do it right there.