Windows RT port?

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Windows RT port?

Post by Alex626 »

Hi everyone! First of all I would like to express my respect to the development team, you are doing the really awesome work guys! :)

I wanted to ask you, if there's a way to compile the OpenMW for ARM processors to run it on jailbroken Windows RT? And if it's possible, then what is required for such a port?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Windows RT port?

Post by sirherrbatka »

It is doable, but at the moment it suffers from same problems as Android port perspective and, in addition, Windows RT is a lot less popular than android. In fact Windows RT will be probabbly discontinued so i don't think that we will have windows RT port: ever.
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Re: Windows RT port?

Post by nwah »

WinRT and Windows RT are different things, confusingly. But essentially the version of Windows called Windows RT may go away, but WinRT is what all of MS's new technology is based on under the hood, and there's no plans to change that at all... the only plans involve unifying even more around WinRT across all their platforms (desktop, mobile, cloud, and xbox).

And, since the development branches of OGRE support it already, it should come to us essentially for free.
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