New here, and Hi

Not about OpenMW? Just about Morrowind in general? Have some random babble? Kindly direct it here.
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New here, and Hi

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 20:51

silentthief wrote: Name is SilentThief, or ST. Same person/name as on the Bethforums. I played MW on xbox, and was addicted to the game from that point on. Then bought MW on ebay for computer (and got the CS with it) and that made it all shiny and brand new... The ability to mod!!!

Windows killed that, tho; as I cannot keep it running properly. Either windows doesn't run right, or some hacker/virus destroys my computer so I'm BACK on xbox MW.

And then I find out OpenMW exists and it is cross platform (Linux??? YEAH!!!! no more worthless windows to run the greatest game on!!!)

So, Hi
sir_herrbatka wrote: Hi ST!

Maybe I will also write something about myself (i follow this project for so long without saying actualy hi).

I bought morrowind in preorder back in the... hm 2001? :D And I was impressed! Not really about technical issues but about world design. Morrowind is vast, heterogeneous, lore is so complete and... you know... inspirating!

And after few years I discovered that there are milions of guys that thinks the same way. This was stunning.

And after another few years nico started openmw. When I discovered this project i was so turned on that i wrote email to nico with my poor english :D Few months later I installed linux (ubuntu 9.04) and wrote simple idea(tm) to the mailing list

Now I'm morrowind fanatic who wants to force all world to know that morrowind is the best fpp crpg ever! Buahaha! Yeah, but hey look - it's true! We have not only MW+Trib+BM but also TR. Soon we may have Multi Player (for example like in Neverwinter Nights). Who will oppose us? :D
Vance987 wrote: Welcome to the forums! 8-)
nicolay wrote: Hi ST and welcome to the forums.

Sounds like your Windows copy is ready for its bi-annual reinstallation ;)
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