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Issue Tracking

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 19:35

Zini wrote: Since there seem to be no objections against mantis, can we have it installed, please?
Lordrea wrote:

Currently I don't have any way to get phpBB3 and Mantis 1.2 to play nice together. Still looking.

Once you're registered I'll bump you up to administrator there. It's completely empty and basic. Only change I've made past a basic install is to open the system to allow anonymous users.
Zini wrote: Done.
Lordrea wrote: Administrator'd.
Zini wrote: Thanks! Will start doing a brain dump on the tracker tomorrow.
Zini wrote: I seem to have a slight problem with Mantis. It doesn't let me assign issues to other people than the admin or myself. gus has registered now and I am trying to assign the optimisation issue to him again (
Can any of the people experienced with Mantis provide me with a hint what I am missing?
Lordrea wrote: I poked around and think I have it figured out.

A user has to be a 'developer' in order to be assigned things. The easiest way to do this is to go to manage the user, and setting them as a developer.

Note that if you then manually assign them a role on a project it will overwrite their position as a developer to something else.

I edited 'gus' to be a developer, then removed him from OpenMW and OpenMW Wiki. He shows up as assignable to issues now.
Zini wrote: Thanks!
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