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Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 19:21

Zini wrote: Would it be possible it allow SVG graphics in the forum and the wiki? It is rather cumbersome to convert them to PNGs first (plus I suck with graphics software and usually get the scale wrong or mess up in another way when doing additional tasks like exporting).
Lordrea wrote: Isn't SVG support still lacking in Internet Explorer 8 and iffy in other browsers?
Zini wrote: SVG isn't fully working with most browsers (which is a shame). But except for IE most have at least limited support. AFAIK mediawiki automatically converts a SVG file into another format if viewed by a brwoser with insufficient SVG support. I have no idea what configuration or extensions are required for this feature and I don't know either if something similar is available for our forum system.
Lordrea wrote: From what I read allowing SVG content types, because they're glorified XML files, opens up security concerns when attached in phpBB. I'll keep an eye out for an extension though that makes it safer. A quick Google search didn't turn up anything.

I can add SVG support in MediaWiki. However, my server doesn't have sibrsvg, Batik, Inkscape, or Sodipoli installed (I think). That leaves ImageMagick, PHP Imagick Extension, and the GD library as possible renderers - all of which are either buggy/slow, or cannot convert SVG files to PNG for most users.

I'll look into it in the future but I don't think having SVG support without conversion to PNG is a good idea. Besides, it should only take a few seconds to convert an SVG file to a PNG anyway.
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