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Wiki Logo

Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 19:11
by lgromanowski
Hircine wrote: hey could we get the wiki logo updated to this? (attached file)

just so its not that ugly set $wglogo thing.
Zini wrote: That is an original logo from MW, right? Certainly better than nothing. But in the long run, I think we still need an original logo/icon for OpenMW (possibly inspired by the MW logo). Do we have any graphics people here, who could have a go at it?
Lordrea wrote: Added.

As Zini said, would still like to see an original icon/logo if we have any graphical artists out there capable of doing it.
Star-Demon wrote: I could give it a try.
How about a nondescript picture or something Morrowind-ish opening like a box?
pvdk wrote: We discussed this while designing the launcher but this seems the relevant topic to ask this: do you have the author's permission to use this icon? I mailed him a couple of months ago but did not get a reply.