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PR Todo

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 19:10

raevol wrote:
sir_herrbatka wrote:raevol is our PR guy. He is in charge to control freshmeat, ohloh, moddb etc. accounts. He is also the man to spam forums ;-)


We are going to make some post release PR (resurrecting ogre and bethesda forum threads included). Maybe video showing new features? Yeah... that would be cool.
Speaking of spamming the forums, this is a reminder to myself to do these things, because I just woke up and need to run out the door and can't do them until I get home. Sorry for the needless post, but I need this to remind myself...!
sir_herrbatka wrote: lol, you are true facebook user :D

anyway, i suggest to leave ogre forum for zini. Users there are quite technical, focused on 3d rendering and they may ask many questions that will be wtf? for you and me ;-)
Zini wrote: I don't do PR ;) It's okay. Post on the Ogre forum. If any questions show up, that you can't answer, just give me a call.
raevol wrote: Made this:

This will help me, and if I ever step down, whoever fills my role. Also, it's good reference!

The ModDB page was made by Tomofsoldier. I PMed him on here, is anyone in contact with him?
Hircine wrote: i sent Tombofsoldier an email regarding the moddb page, he hasn't yet replied. i wonder if we have to create a new page or we can get moddb admins to give us rights to the page.
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