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facebook Page

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 18:56

raevol wrote: Hey, I'm a social networking whore, and wanted to create a facebook page for OpenMW. Is it ok if I do this, assuming responsibility for it? Facebook wants to know if I am the "official representative" for this project, so I figured I'd check here first. ;)
sir_herrbatka wrote: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee facebook is for me another planet in galaxy far away and facebook users are some sort of aliens (like ET). I just don't know what the heck is the point of this social stuff :-/
Zini wrote: My personal opinion about Facebook can be written in two words: No, thanks!

Or longer: Most pathetic site ever, boring, uninspired, largely useless and encourages bad behaviour regarding handling your privacy. Plus, the guys running Facebook are assholes.

However that is only my personal opinion and if the majority of the OpenMW community thinks that having a Facebook page is a good idea, then I won't try to block it.

@raevol: You definitely are an official representative for OpenMW.
Star-Demon wrote: The benefits aren't really clear to me.
Vance987 wrote: No... it's pretty pointless for a quality project to be on a shitty socialist website full of shitty ads and social workers crawling everywhere. I had a very bad experience with fb and highly reccomend not using fb for advertising unless it's just for pictures. (which they may delete anyways cuz their assholes) ^^ We should make a poll on whether the majority wants this or not.
Lordrea wrote: Sounds like a vast 'meh'.

I don't use Facebook really, and when I do I don't give them any extra things to mine data from, like groups.
raevol wrote: Well... I'm not trying to talk you guys into joining facebook or anything. I just think it'd be good publicity. :geek:

I could post news and updates on there, and people can easily share the project around with each other. I kind of doubt it'd attract any developers, as anyone hardcore enough to contribute code to a project like this probably sees no benefit to having a facebook page, but it'd potentially generate word of mouth/fan interest.
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