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Real Windows

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Malek wrote: So I recently reviewed a few of my Morrowind dream concepts and was curious about one of the ideas. Would it be possible to make windows show the outside/inside of themselves so you can look into other cells?
Zini wrote: Not easily and certainly not with the default Morrowind.esm. This would require some additions to OpenMW, substantial modifications to the Morrowind master file and a new editor to produce these. Also, it would require more powerful hardware to run.

Certainly not a pre-1.0 feature and probably not for near post-1.0 either.
Ace (SWE) wrote: I guess it could also be hacked in by adding a low poly model of the outside world outside of the window and making it slightly transparent.

I think I've seen such a mod for Oblivion, although I think they just added the low-poly distant land mesh outside the window.

In any case, this is more along the lines of modding than core game stuff
Star-Demon wrote: -Remake statics that are windows
- Make outside parts that will show
-Place custom meshes outside each window
-Cry at awful implementation, because outside windows will be the same
-make custom windows and replace all of them ,everywhere, ever.
- Cry more.

Best way is to have a technology like in Portal that is capable of rendering something you look inside the same way looking in a portal would.
Malek wrote: That was my idea, but I hadn't realized that any games used it. How could I forget portal? How impossible would that be to implement into Morrowind?
Pahanilmanlintu wrote: For starters you could see this thread. And if you look around a bit, you'll find more of the previous discussions on this same subject. There was at least one on the mailing list before this forum was launched.
Ace (SWE) wrote:
This was what I was mentioning earlier.
As it turns out they didn't use the Distant Land meshes.

You're never going to get full inside/outside synchronization though, not the way the engine is built.

And if it turns out to be possible once OpenMW goes 1.0 then I still consider it up to the modders to actually implement it.

Some pictures: ... 054923.png ... 252951.png ... 213565.png
Greendogo wrote: Edit: nevermind
gus wrote: I know i'm bumping in an old discution, but we could use the Portal SceneManager for windows if we ever want to add them.
willrandship wrote: All you need is to make your own morrowind world/edit the current one, and make the buildings not be their own area, they are simply a part of outside. makes windows easy.
gus wrote: I don't think it's possible. First, it would kill performances. And second: when morrowind was made, they probably didn't checked that the inside of buildings are completely coherent with the outside world. It wouldn't be surprising to have houses overlapping.
ezzetabi wrote: Portals do not care about overlapping*, the real problems are others.

1- AI, it needs to be changed to understand portals.
2- Where we now 'teleporters' we will have portals, but most people would like to have a real door that opens and closes; not just badly placed hole. Fixing this means change by hand each and every place with a portal.
3- Internal cells and externals cells behave differently, this need to normalized somewhat.

*see this example:
Star-Demon wrote: I'm cooking up my own ideas to reinvent the Exterior-interior system, but the whole "seeing outside or seeing inside" thing is something I'm very wary bout designing right now.
Hircine wrote: a new approach to loading exteriors/interiors, is that when you enter a cell and the closer you get to an interior activator (a door). it loads that interior on the fly before you get there. so there is no loading screen. however this would only be done on more modern (powerful) machines with larger Memory storage.

a toggle would be used to allow cells to be loaded like this.

'real window' is not good. especially since hardly any interiors match the outside :|

extremely fast loading of interiors would be way better. and IMO would not really need the whole 'real windows' thing.
ezzetabi wrote: Once again; the `match' is not a problem. Portals do not care.

See this example:
gus wrote: I misunderstood you. I don't know why, i understood that what you suggested used no portal.
ezzetabi wrote: I am afraid portals are the only way, just check the Indoranyon map.
Indoranyon wiki page.
The main entrance is obviously a portal; and considering Qorwynn position it is probably intended.
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