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Book buying

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 19:41

Greendogo wrote: One thing I always thought was stupid in Vanillawind was the ability to read a book (especially a skill book) in a bookshop without buying them.

I think a very easy and intuitive way of preventing this and increasing the use of bookshops is to go straight to picking up an owned book (and thus stealing it) so that you have to buy it first before reading it (and getting any skill bonuses that it has).

Books owned by you or unowned books would open when clicked on. You will then not be able to spam bookshops for skill books. An added immersion bonus would be that you might be more likely to read books that you have to buy and might end up carrying around with you.
sir_herrbatka wrote: no. no. no. no. no.

This is gameplay change. We are not allowed to do this.
pogzy wrote: yes, yes, yes, after the v1.0 :mrgreen:
sir_herrbatka wrote:
yes, yes, yes, after the v1.0
as mod :P
Greendogo wrote: Nevermind, this would create issues with npc-owned books which are supposed to be read but not taken. I can't think of any instances where this pops up, but I'm sure it does somewhere.
Star-Demon wrote:
Greendogo wrote:Nevermind, this would create issues with npc-owned books which are supposed to be read but not taken. I can't think of any instances where this pops up, but I'm sure it does somewhere.
It does in morrowind in a few places, but the most notable would be quests in TR, which might as well be morrowind :P
sir_herrbatka wrote: Besides MW is designed this way: most of skills books are stored in chests etc.
Greendogo wrote: It's a regrettable design decision on Bethesda's part. You really shouldn't be allowed to (in a game) read books in a shop before buying them. It really is a major fault in Morrowindian economics. In our world, we can read books in Barnes and Noble because the store owners know we won't be able to read all of the book and if we find it intriguing we'll buy the book to take home.

However, because the books are so short, and because when reading books the game world is paused, we can just spam the book shelves for either skill books or rare books we want to read. We have no obligation to buy them at all. And most of the time, people don't read the books, especially when in search of skill books. How sad, because the lore of the game world deserves better.
sir_herrbatka wrote: Are you from RIAA? :D
Greendogo wrote:
sir_herrbatka wrote:Are you from RIAA? :D
Truth != Definitely!

Edit: :lol:
ezzetabi wrote: I think the solution is much easier; you can read a book you do not own. But you cannot gain skills from it.

It emulates the fact you need some time to fully understand a book and gain skill; instead there is nothing wrong in borrowing a book for a short while for a short read.
Greendogo wrote: So you're saying that you only gain skills from books in your inventory? That'll probably be good enough.

I've got to start making a list of all of the alterations to the basic gameplay I want to make after OpenMW is done. I've come to see "Feature Requests and Suggestions" as more of a wishlist for after OpenMW 1.0 is out. I don't want to impose my subjective "improvements" onto other people.
ezzetabi wrote: Yes, Greendogo. You gain skill if you read a book from your inventory.

I think this is better of my original idea of keeping track of the book owner (Morrowind knows the owner of every item); it would be problematic for thieves.

It might seems annoying to pick up a book to read it, but the skill gain happens only once. So once done you will never need to mess up again your library.
Star-Demon wrote: Morrowind has a bug that assigns an owner to a book when it clearly doesn't have one anymore.

to try this out - try toggling full help and picking things up or buying things and putting them down.

ownership doesn't transfer correctly.
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