Regarding the Laws of vvardenfell as applied to the Races

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Regarding the Laws of vvardenfell as applied to the Races

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 19:34

WC Chase wrote: With the inspiration of the entertaining Dap642 and his Big Bertha, I have been playing Morrowind since mid-April of this year. During this time it had occurred to me that these 'umbrella' laws assumes a universal code of moral conduct, social justice, discipline and the possibility of reform that could not reasonably be applied to all species and races in Vvardenfell. If you are going to have a diversity of races and species in Morrowind then the laws of the land should take into account the natural instincts and psychology of those race/species.
When it comes to justice, the government of Morrowind must anticipate that not all of its' inhabitants are fully capable of having any comprehension of good or bad behavior much less reformable. in other words, crime can only apply to moral beings, not creatures governed by instinct. A guard yelling "Surrender now and I might let you live" to a rat doesn't make sense at all.
'Pay fine', 'Go to jail', 'Resist arrest' may apply to the Elves, Dunmer and the human race but, for the Golden Saint and the brutish 'neanderthal' race like the Orc it would be futile (think reforming Predator). The Dremora and the sinister Daedra would be no more be reformable than Sil (Species I-II) or Alien. Vampires = mutants.
Since the Argonians and Khajitts, are classified as a beast race, then no law can apply to them as they are not moral creatures. It means that the 'beast race' can not be legally punished for their actions or behavior because they would not know that they are doing 'wrong'. Therefore, the laws of the land should take that into account. The 'real' Sugar-Lips Habasi would steal out of need, not greed. I suggest putting the natural cat back into the Khajitt.
As for the Argonians, I recommend studying the interviews, lectures and Youtubes of David Icke.
P.S. Please replace the verbal dialog of the characters with a more diversity in voices. The pneumonia, laryngitis, dumb blond, old bag actress has-been, Whore-house Madam of Romania, and Bela Lugosi's sister is starting to suck the beanbag man.
Thank You for your time.
Husaco wrote: To the huge block of text above the PS: other than making no point, it is nonsensical to argue the validity of Cyrodilic laws toward races, considering we don't even know the laws than govern the country, let alone how they are are worded- whether or not 'beast' races are treated as equal citizens or not by the law. One thing is for sure- Orcs, Argonians and Khajiit aren't that primitive, and aren't considered in that way. Changing Morrowind to conform with your understanding of Mundus is something that likely won't be considered anywhere.
And to the PS: that might be something for a post 1.0 release.
EDIT: I read a bit about Icke, he seems a right old git, a bit on the fringe. I wouldn't be suprised if this was a troll post, but I felt compelled to post a reply somehow.
sir_herrbatka wrote: You made a mistake when you posted it in feature forum. It would be better to post it to GD of offtopic.

And according to the lore at the moment law is equal for every race and orcs and khajits are in fact elfs. Dummers are just xenophobic nazis. ;-)
Star-Demon wrote: The empire is an imperial authority. Imperial Authority is imperial. That solves that.
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