Altering paths of projectiles

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Altering paths of projectiles

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 19:31

silentthief wrote: I had asked about this in MW forums and with MWSE and was told this was impossible. So I'll ask for it here.

There should be a way to modify the path travelled by projectiles (spell, arrow for example). I was envisioning making it harder to hit someone when the wind is blowing really hard, but my thoughts ran to other ideas like having someone who casts a fireball spell and you cast a spell in defense, and the spell flies around your character in a circle (guided by your hand) then gets flung right back at the enemy caster!!! Don't need reflect! Just use re-direct!!!

ST the over-imaginative :D
Star-Demon wrote: I can't imagine learning the amount of calculus and vector math necessary to make a game where you play as Accelerator. :O
silentthief wrote:
Star-Demon wrote:I can't imagine learning the amount of calculus and vector math necessary to make a game where you play as Accelerator. :O

yeah. I guess that would be math/programming intensive. How about making it so it could be altered by script and then calling it good? That way, someone (me?) could make a mod to do it, and it isn't hard coded and unchangeable.

UnfoundedBros wrote: Taking this into two separate ideas.

Having the wind blowing and affecting the paths of arrows or magic projectiles I would say is impossible under regular Morrowind or MWSE. Mostly from a lack of weather data, and how projectiles are treated. Through scripting the best you could do would be a message informing the player of the strong wind and then giving a chance of evasion for projectiles to all characters.

The second idea of simply having a spell flung back at an enemy caster could be possible through scripting. But not quite as cool as originally intended. I think it could work like this. You cast your defence spell it lasts for a few minutes. You gain immunity to magic and dmg from projectiles. When a spell or projectile hits you, it is "absorbed" and recorded through scripts. You lose all immunity. When you cast the defence spell a second time you "fling" the spell or projectile you "absorbed" but your really just casting a spell. A new casting animation would help.

Some problems with the second idea. I'm not sure you can record the necessary information about the spell that you "absorb."

ex A high lvl mage casts a 70 dmg fireball at you, it gets absorbed, its a simple fireball spell and when you cast your defence spell, your fireball only does 35 dmg because of your magic ability. I'm not sure there is a way to record the actual damage.

Another problem is I'm not sure if there are functions to find out if your getting hit by an arrow or another type of weapon. Which is necessary as you want the immunity to drop when you get hit by a projectile not a melee attack.

Other than that I think its possible, silentthief I would play around with scripting and see what you can do.
frost wrote: Your idea reminded me a rocket launcher in the first half-life multiplayer. You could control a rocket by your player direction. In Unreal Tournament you could control some kind of missile in first person view.
Some other ideas concerning projectile positioning (that I've taken from other games):
- a kind of translocator, a portal object
- all objects can serve as projectiles (including hijacking spells and arrows)
- projectile producing lots of ricocheting sub-projectiles (a shotgun spell)
- spells and projectiles not only in form of missiles, but also as fields/auras, streams - freely defined areas and with freely defined behavior (ig a spell that takes random melee items from inventory and circulates them around a character).
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