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Locally defined symbol errors

Posted: 15 Aug 2011, 13:50
by lgromanowski
Fractal wrote: Hello!

I have finally managed to wrangle cmake into submission, but now I am suffering from LNK4217 errors when I try to compile in Visual Studio.

Specifically, I'm getting errors wherever any kind of myGUI functions are being called. Everything else is compiling beautifully, including the myGUI library, but there seems to be some kind of linking problem.

I'm not an experienced user of Visual Studio, so I'm not sure how to proceed. My attempts at googling an answer have turned up a suggestion that these kind of errors are caused by using the __declspec keyword when a function is also defined locally, but that keyword is used only in the MyGUIEngine files, and there only twice.

Has anyone had similar problems? Any idea where I've gone wrong?