Further GUI requests

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Further GUI requests

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 20:42

Zini wrote: With the roadmap mapped out, we now can see which GUI elements will be needed at which point. Amos, I assume, you won't be able to finish the entire GUI in time for the 0.09 release, and I hope you want to continue with working on it after 0.09.

For 0.10 we need the NPC dialogue window. It would be beneficial, if it could be finished at the release of 0.09.

For 0.11 we need a fps display (i.e. a small number in a corner of the screen, that shows the current FPS). This feature should be controlled via a command line switch (e.g. --fps). Ogre implements this feature already, but it looks a bit heavyweight. You might want to have a look at it to determine if it is better to come up with a custom implementation or to use the Ogre one.
amos wrote: I will only finish the character creation + stat window for 0.09, the rest will have to come in subsequent releases.
And yes I believe it makes sense for me to continue working on the GUI windows, as I'm learning more and more about MyGUI. Allthough I would also like to do some other tasks as well (in parallell), just doing GUI can get a bit boring.
For 0.10 we need the NPC dialogue window. It would be beneficial, if it could be finished at the release of 0.09.
You need it in 0.10 but want it for 0.09, confused?? Is this a typo? or?

A simple solution for the FPS counter would be to use a transparent MyGUI window, that should be fairly quick to add.
Is there a console command for toggling it? If not perhaps we should add it?
Zini wrote: At the release of 0.09 = when we are done with 0.09, so it will be available, when we start with 0.10.

I would prefer not to add script commands at this time. We will have to introduce a method to make new scripts commands optionals to avoid possible name collisions with scripts in mods. I have some ideas on how to do that. But this is clearly post 1.0 work. A simply command line switch will do for now.

Edit: I think you forgot a few GUI elements on your wiki page. What about the player's journal and GUIs for reading books and scrolls? And the level-up dialogue is missing too.
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