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Online Documentation

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 20:41

Zini wrote: I did a little experiment with github pages and Doxygen:

I guess it might be useful to have online documentation. Would be even more useful, if we would use more doxygen comments.
Star-Demon wrote: Cool! I know we wanted to get that Doxy action going.

Oh, awesome, it looks just like the OGRE stuff didn't know they used it.

This'll help a lot. Good work.

now: back to bed...need more honey lemon tea....X_X
Zini wrote: Added missing documentation and fixed some configuration issues. The new documentation has been uploaded (you my need to refresh your browser to see the changes).
This is pretty much all I can do for now. If we want to improve the documentation further, we need to resolve the namespace issues (some components exist in global namespace or share a namespace) and actually use more doxygen comments.
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