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Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 20:32

jerome187 wrote: does anyone know about the file formats and whatnot in oblivion are similar to morrowind?

I'm wondering if openmw could run oblivion with little code changes.
ap0 wrote:
I'm wondering if openmw could run oblivion with little code changes.
No, it can't.
nicolay wrote: That would take quite a bit more than a few small changes :) OpenOb would be an entirely different project. Sure OpenMW could be the base for it, but the amount of extra work would probably be comparable to OpenMW itself.
jerome187 wrote: the file formats are completely different aren't they?

I don't have a copy of morrowind (yet, waiting until I have $15 worth of other stuff I want so I get free shipping...) but I think they are .nif I looked in my oblivion DVD and did not see any files of that kind, but maybe I need to extract first or something...
nicolay wrote: Oblivions uses NIFs but a later and incompatible file version (but with many similarities.) Reading the NIFs is the least of the problems though. Oblivion is technically a much more advanced game on all levels (graphics and rendering, physics, AI, data complexity, and so on.) There's a reason these games cost millions to produce in the first place :)
jerome187 wrote: true but I think it might be relatively easy to read the files and render a scene and fly around in it
Pahanilmanlintu wrote: I think the nifs are packaged inside a bsa archive, but they're there nonetheless. Oblivion nifs are afaik newer version so they're a bit different.

The main reasons that i can come up with as to why OpenOb would be more difficult are related to middleware, like facegen, and maybe there's some lipsync software too, not sure. Also there's speedtree and havok, although those might be easier to replace with floss alternatives.

But i personally take it pretty much for granted that by the time OpenMW passes the 1.0 milestone, there will be at least one OpenOb effort going on. Also, i predict it will take at least 3-4 years from that point on before an OpenOb reaches 1.0 status, if ever. :) Big plans modders are a never ending natural resource.
Zini wrote: Thanks for the link. Hilarious stuff.
Star-Demon wrote: That's very funny, but unfortunately true.

If you look at my mods on the nexus sites, they all are very small, and I didn't put much scripting into the,m. However, they are designed well, and will work with nearly all mods.

The thing about large projects is that, all at once, you can learn a lot. You risk upsetting some, but if you really dig into it and let your motivation guide you, you can learn a lot more than the ones with books might. At school I'm very advanced for my tier because I took on a lot of these projects -I'll never FINISH, which is a problem for people looking for solid accomplishments of yours, but you've extended your reach by pushing.

Lately, though, when it comes to CSE as a major and a profession, I'm wondering if you either just know everything or you don't, lol.
nicolay wrote: Very fun link. I can recognize myself in a couple of those descriptions :)
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