Exception in Ogre

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Exception in Ogre

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 20:18

amos wrote: I'm getting a crash (due to exception) with the latest code on Windows. It happens as soon as I start to move the mouse around while in game mode, the debug output says:

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ERROR: unknown Ogre handle: Unnamed_5
Any idea what this could be?
If I move around using keyboard only there is no problem at all.

I tried to copy over all the ogre dll/config files from scratch but it did not help.

I didn't notice it until now as I've been using the other window modes while developing.
Zini wrote: You are facing an object, that can for some reasons can't be matched with a ESM-reference. This is not supposed to happen. Has nothing to do with Ogre or how you are moving around btw.

I just pushed a commit to my newchar branch, that at least should stop the crashes (you will still get the same error message).
amos wrote: Great, that fixed it, thanks :D
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