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Actor Stats

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 16:40

Zini wrote: Script instructions for manipulating attributes are in place. Also, player attributes are displayed and updated correctly in the stats window. I think the colour-scheme is slightly off, but we can fix that later. Nico, you can pull now, if you want.
Zini wrote: Added instructions for health, magicka and fatigue. The default values for the player are a bit odd. I am pretty sure, that I am reading them correctly. But it hardly matters because these values are overwritten in the character generation process anyway.
nicolay wrote: Nicely done. Man it seems you have been doing everything around here lately ;-)

Those default values look suspicious, where did they come from? Might just be some uninitialized remnants from the original engine/editor that got stored in the ESM somehow?
Zini wrote: From the the NPC "Player". Unless there is a very subtle bug, that I haven't noticed, these values come directly from the Morrowind.esm file (forgot to check again).
Zini wrote:
Man it seems you have been doing everything around here lately
I noticed. And I hope that will change again soon. It is rather lonely at the top.
nicolay wrote: Fixed. Seems the struct layout used for the NPC record was actually wrong. Probably based on bad info from the net a long time ago. Anyway, a quick trip to gave me the right struct layout.
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