How to build OpenMW on Windows?

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How to build OpenMW on Windows?

Post by lgromanowski » 15 Aug 2011, 10:22

lgro wrote: Hi,
I'm trying to build OpenMW on Windows (since past week) without success. I have already installed
CMake (2.8.4) - path: "c:\Program Files\CMake", Ogre3D (OgreSDK_vc10_v1-7-3) - path: "e:\ogre3d\OgreSDK_vc10_v1-7-3\",
OIS (1.3) - path: "e:\ois-v1-3" and boost (1.46.1 vc10 / mingw) - path: "e:\boost_1_46_1\".

Wiki is down and I don't know what should I do to make boost (and OIS) visible for CMake scripts:
E:\openmw\openmw>cmake .
-- OpenMW pre-built binaries not found. Using standard locations.
-- Looking for OGRE
-- libraries : debug;OgreMain_d;optimized;OgreMain from "E:/ogre3d"/lib
-- includes : "E:/ogre3d"/include
-- plugins :
-- Boost system library was not found.
-- Boost filesystem library was not found.
-- Boost program_options library was not found.
-- Boost thread library was not found.
-- Looking for OIS...
-- Could not locate OIS
CMake Error at cmake/FindPkgMacros.cmake:112 (message):
Required library OIS not found! Install the library (including dev
packages) and try again. If the library is already installed, set the
missing variables manually in cmake.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
cmake/FindOIS.cmake:81 (findpkg_finish)
CMakeLists.txt:312 (find_package)
Is there anybody who succesfuly build OpenMW on Windows and can give
step-by-step instructions what should be done to compile OpenMW on Windows?
Zini wrote: There was a precompiled dependency package floating around and I think the cmake scripts have some support for it. But I don't know any details, sorry.
sir_herrbatka wrote: I would send PM to star-demon. He will be very happy to help with windows building.
Star-Demon wrote: PM me and I'll go over it with you - after work I'll hop in IRC, too.
sir_herrbatka wrote: See? 8-)
lgro wrote: Thanks! :D
best regards,