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Website code on Gitlab

Posted: 04 Aug 2020, 04:56
by Greendogo
Hey, I'm curious why the website code is not on our Gitlab/hub repos?

It wouldn't be a bad idea to put it there.

Re: Website code on Gitlab

Posted: 04 Aug 2020, 11:37
by psi29a
Because the site "code" are already maintained projects such as wikimedia, phpbb and wordpress so there is no point to host them as we haven't changed much of anything. What we did change are things we wouldn't want public anyway because then everyone would be able to log in as admin and really damage the place.

We do have backups of all the important bits though and those are hosted privately so it is easy for use to redeploy if needed, say to a new server or disaster recovery.

The only things we could make pubic are perhaps the 'themes' that have been made, but those are internal to the project anyway and no one has requested to copy or work so there hasn't really been any effort there. The copyright for us to use them have been granted, but other than that, I don't know off the top of my head if they are CC-BY or anything else. Someone would have to do the check. The themes were there before I even came to the project in 2011.

Re: Website code on Gitlab

Posted: 07 Aug 2020, 17:23
by raevol
Yea, since we use wordpress, the theme is only a very small part of what the website is, and all the important bits are in the wordpress database.

We've kicked around changing up the website a few times, but nothing has every really come from it. The current site works "fine" as is. It could use a facelift, and it'd be really nice if it worked on mobile (that's a fault of the theme, I didn't know or care much about making it mobile friendly when I made it, I would do it very differently now), but it gets us by. Now that the forum theme matches it that makes me a lot more reluctant to change it until we could update the forum theme at the same time. I've poked at that a few times but never got anywhere with it.