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by AnyOldName3
10 May 2021, 20:33
Forum: Support
Topic: Install open Morrowind
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Re: Install open Morrowind

The first post is gone as the user was a bot and had ads in their signature. They slipped through the net as they were reposting past posts.
by AnyOldName3
09 May 2021, 00:48
Forum: Support
Topic: White screen not responding at launch
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Re: White screen not responding at launch

My first guess given that you're also having issues with the original engine would be that something might be wrong with your OS install or graphics drivers. I'd suggest reinstalling the graphics drivers and doing an integrity check on Windows - that can be done pretty easily by right-clicking on th...
by AnyOldName3
08 May 2021, 14:47
Forum: General
Topic: Interesting issue when swapping between versions of OpenCS
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Re: Interesting issue when swapping between versions of OpenCS

Have you reported an issue for the NPCs thing? If not, that'd be a bad regression to have in the 0.47 release.
by AnyOldName3
06 May 2021, 19:49
Forum: Support
Topic: OpenMW ARM64 + AMD GPU = Random Crashing
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Re: OpenMW ARM64 + AMD GPU = Random Crashing

If the display driver crashes, that's almost certainly the display driver's fault. Even if we're doing things we're not allowed to, OpenGL is specified to generate error messages rather than crash.
by AnyOldName3
01 May 2021, 18:10
Forum: General Development
Topic: Lua scripting in OpenMW
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Re: Lua scripting in OpenMW

So it will not work the same as Papyrus in Skyrim. But we will be able to use Lua coroutines in some form. I'm aware our threading model is pretty different to that of Papyrus, but we're eventually going to need to support transpiling papyrus to OpenMW Lua (or write a Papyrus/Papyrus bytecode inter...
by AnyOldName3
27 Apr 2021, 22:40
Forum: Support
Topic: uninstalling openmw
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Re: uninstalling openmw

Are you using a particularly bad antivirus and are you getting OpenMW from one of the official sources? We're not doing anything that should upset any antivirus software, so it's possible you've downloaded a build from somewhere weird and it's been tampered with, or you've got some other malware on ...
by AnyOldName3
22 Apr 2021, 23:50
Forum: Support
Topic: Is there a way to clean omwsaves?
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Re: Is there a way to clean omwsaves?

Significantly so.
by AnyOldName3
22 Apr 2021, 23:49
Forum: Support
Topic: Great House Strongholds - A preview!
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Re: Great House Strongholds - A preview!

Ideally, the game data would just have everything's initial state be its initial state instead of toggling it via script and toggling it back again later. In cases where we can't change the data, ideally we'd want object paging compatibility patches. In the case of the base game, while we don't want...
by AnyOldName3
22 Apr 2021, 23:45
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Animation system
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Re: Animation system

Plans, yes. Concrete plans, no. Kind of like how I'm planning on going to bed at a reasonable time tonight so I'm not desperately tired in the morning, but I've got fifteen minutes to get into bed to achieve that, and instead I'm on the OpenMW forums.
by AnyOldName3
21 Apr 2021, 20:53
Forum: Support
Topic: Shiny meshes on 0.47
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Re: Shiny meshes on 0.47

I'd guess either a typo or you'd accidentally put it in the wrong section.