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by K1ll
11 Sep 2011, 23:13
Forum: General Development
Topic: Bullet Optimisation
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Re: Bullet Optimisation

Sorry for replying so late, but i was a bit busy this weekend.

I'll test those changes tomorrow at least on my old laptop mentioned in the old thread and my ubuntu 10.10 64 bit desktop.
by K1ll
01 Sep 2011, 22:08
Forum: General Development
Topic: The Configuration Situation
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Re: The Configuration Situation

That doesn't work for me since INSTALLED PATH is Installed Path so if it's case insensitive it'll work.
by K1ll
26 Aug 2011, 22:28
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Learning C++
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Re: Learning C++

Although or maybe because i'm a C programmer i agree with Zini. The book is a really good read and it doesn't require one to know C. All needed basics of C that are shared with C++ are described in the book not more and not less. I haven't done it myself but i highly recommend doing the examples, wr...
by K1ll
15 Aug 2011, 19:28
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: Website design proposal(s)
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Re: Website design proposal(s)

The picture is awesome and the rest of the design fits perfectly to it :) So just to double check, any objections to the "image (c) Maxim Nikolaev" bit on the image? Can't we put his credits in other place? He surely should be mentioned but putting writings on our banner is bleh. Maybe we could make...