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by Chris
04 Mar 2019, 16:30
Forum: General
Topic: [PATCH] Inventory sort button
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Re: [PATCH] Inventory sort button

This kind of thing would certainly be very useful. My only suggestion(s) would be, the toggle box probably shouldn't be in the inventory space where the icons are. Perhaps a pull-down widget next to the filter buttons? Also, a toggle for ascending/descending would be helpful, too.
by Chris
04 Mar 2019, 07:19
Forum: General Development
Topic: Grey out read dialogue topics
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Re: Grey out read dialogue topics

It is probably possible to endlessly conjecture hypothetical arguments in favor of the pedantic form of correctness. It's not really hypothetical. Two different NPCs saying the same thing because their text replacements happen to match is a thing that happens. And I don't doubt there being cases wh...
by Chris
04 Mar 2019, 07:00
Forum: General Development
Topic: Grey out read dialogue topics
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Re: Grey out read dialogue topics

Relatedly, how does it deal with response scripts with branching results, or text replacements that alter the dialog, but is still technically the same dialog record? Or dialog text that is the same, but is from a different record with a different response script? It doesn't make sense to me to say ...
by Chris
01 Mar 2019, 03:39
Forum: Support
Topic: [Solved] Intro cinematic not running?
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Re: Intro cinematic not running?

Did the credits and title videos play? How did you install the game, and what version of it? IIRC, if it's a preexisting vanilla install of the CD/DVD version, the video files are left on the disk so OpenMW can't find them and they won't play. You have to copy the files from the CD to the right dire...
by Chris
27 Feb 2019, 05:11
Forum: Support
Topic: Changing Character Appearance
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Re: Changing Character Appearance

That's... utterly horrid! :shock: It also doesn't make sense... resetting stats and wiping spells seems like something that one has to go out of their way to implement. Why can't appearance simply... not affect anything? At least after the character was already created? Because setting up your char...
by Chris
22 Feb 2019, 01:35
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Topic: Morrowind .esm missing
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Re: Morrowind .esm missing

I have downloaded Morrowind through Steam and am trying to run openmw, only openmw is looking for .esm files and Morrowind doesn't use them. Yes it does. Neither is Morrowind located in a folder called Morrowind, is is located in E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Zenimax Online\Launcher Zenimax Online woul...
by Chris
16 Feb 2019, 01:03
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Topic: Windows 10 No Sound
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Re: Windows 10 No Sound

Can you post a log? What is your audio device?
by Chris
02 Feb 2019, 01:28
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Topic: Better handling of mod conflicts and mod merging
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Re: Better handling of mod conflicts and mod merging

As long as two mods don't modify the same record, then those mods are compatible. This is a fundamental misunderstanding. For any useful definition of "compatible", it is possible for two mods to modify two different records, and be incompatible; that is, when used together they unbalance the game ...
by Chris
20 Jan 2019, 17:13
Forum: Support
Topic: Changing sound device
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Re: Changing sound device

M3CHR0M4NC3R wrote:
19 Jan 2019, 19:18
What of this would I put in quotes to change the sound device to the second one?
You wouldn't use quotes. Set the device line to:

Code: Select all

device = OpenAL Soft on CRT (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
and it should select that second one.
by Chris
20 Jan 2019, 16:34
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Topic: Looking for some good headphones for Linux/Windows
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Re: Looking for some good headphones for Linux/Windows

Enderson5Bairstow wrote:
20 Jan 2019, 08:05
Is there a way to get HRTF working on Windows?
Ensure the device is configured as Headphones in Windows (not speakers, or virtual surround sound), and is set to a sane sample rate like 48khz or 44.1khz. With OpenAL Soft 1.18 or newer, it should automatically enable HRTF in-game.