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by Chris
06 Feb 2012, 11:19
Forum: General Development
Topic: WTF!!! Rendering System Broken
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Re: WTF!!! Rendering System Broken

There's a bug in Actors::removeCell() in actors.cpp regarding the iterator usage there. You need to change the code to something like for(std::map<MWWorld::Ptr, Animation*>::iterator iter = mAllActors.begin(); iter != mAllActors.end();) { if(iter->first.getCell() == store){ delete iter->second; mAl...
by Chris
31 Dec 2011, 21:21
Forum: Support
Topic: libaudiere-dev not in debian anymore
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Re: libaudiere-dev not in debian anymore

Apologies for my extreme ignorance, this may not even be relevant, but have we considered gstreamer? GStreamer would work for music and videos, but it doesn't work so well for simply decoding audio. I dare say ffmpeg is probably the best option, as it works better for simple decoding, can handle mp...