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by Capostrophic
08 Apr 2019, 17:08
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: OpenTESArena 0.9.0 Released!
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Re: OpenTESArena 0.9.0 Released!

I think the plan was to move to C++14 once Trusty is killed off.
by Capostrophic
08 Apr 2019, 17:04
Forum: Support
Topic: Openmw-launcher.exe is not a valid Win32 application
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Re: Openmw-launcher.exe is not a valid Win32 application

Alas, OpenMW official builds are not compatible with Windows XP.

Windows XP support was dropped by Microsoft exactly five years ago, you should probably update.
by Capostrophic
04 Apr 2019, 15:13
Forum: Support
Topic: Anti-Aliasing wont work
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Re: Anti-Aliasing wont work

On Windows, if the necessary number of samples for MSAA is not supported, there's no fallback to a lower number of samples unlike Linux. Try 8x.
by Capostrophic
31 Mar 2019, 17:32
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Run through Steam.
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Re: Run through Steam.


Use ess-importer to import ESS saves. Playability and stability is not guaranteed.
by Capostrophic
31 Mar 2019, 15:26
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: guards fighting bandits ?
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Re: guards fighting bandits ?

OpenMW parses used variables based on the script source and not script variable table subrecord, and one of the scripts only has the main variable declared in that table, so the script ends up being partially broken. Add "float t1" line to the beginning of ab01guardsOnLoadScript (after begin stateme...
by Capostrophic
31 Mar 2019, 11:41
Forum: Support
Topic: [Solved] Mouse cursor is too big
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Re: OpenMW 0.45.0 Released!

It's something caused by your hardware, not openmw, it works with *any* version of Morrowind in principle.
by Capostrophic
28 Mar 2019, 13:57
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW 0.45.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.45.0

And it's up.
by Capostrophic
27 Mar 2019, 02:32
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: Faction Training mod issue
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Re: Faction Training mod issue

The issue has already been reported by someone quite recently (five hours ago, in fact) and the fix is pending.
by Capostrophic
24 Mar 2019, 17:22
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: Sotha Sil Expanded
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Re: Sotha Sil Expanded

'else if' operator no longer breaks compilation and stuff after else is simply ignored like in vanilla, so the pipe fall script and interiors of illusion script will finally just work. So the three compatibility issues I'm aware of that are left and should be resolved some day are these: 1. Stray qu...
by Capostrophic
23 Mar 2019, 19:06
Forum: Support
Topic: VM with the development environment
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Re: VM with the development environment

Emba-5 still uses Morrowind races for its, er, characters, and it uses Bloodmoon assets.