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by testman
12 Jun 2018, 00:03
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Topic: Elder Scrolls: VI
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Re: Elder Scrolls: VI

>Has anyone considered the possibility of all of Tamrial?
Some dudes made an indie game in 1994 that played across whole Tamriel.

For the Tamrial, I'm not sure. Firstly someone should decide how the whole thing even looks like and then after that it could be made into a game.
by testman
03 Apr 2018, 17:31
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: Post 1.0 Planning Update
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Re: Post 1.0 Planning Update

Awesome. I will enjoy reading the whole thing once you release it :)
our goal here is to make
I do believe you meant to write "not" somewhere in there.
by testman
26 Mar 2018, 21:38
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: Replace github forks with github stars
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Replace github forks with github stars

I think that would make more sense for site visitors.
by testman
10 Jan 2018, 14:16
Forum: TES3MP
Topic: #1 on Morrowind Modding Showcases
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#1 on Morrowind Modding Showcases

Even if TES3MP is not a "mod", it still got the top spot on list of "Top 10 mods of 2017".
by testman
31 Jul 2017, 18:22
Forum: TES3MP
Topic: TES3MP gets covered on Gamerant
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Re: TES3MP gets covered on Gamerant

function in the context of a complete operating system
You still left some of original Stallman copypasta in your modification fork.
Is this fork free/libre text? Is it licenced under Creative Commons?
by testman
30 Jul 2017, 16:21
Forum: TES3MP
Topic: TES3MP gets covered on Gamerant
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TES3MP gets covered on Gamerant

There is a very awesome articles about TES3MP featured on Gamerant. By Cody Gravelle | Jul 30, 2017 Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls franchise has always had a special relationship with the modding community. What started as a handful of fans expressing their passion for games like Morrowind has quickl...
by testman
30 Jul 2017, 15:20
Forum: TES3MP
Topic: The top thread on /r/Games
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Re: The top thread on /r/Games

I don't think many people on Youtube review the pre-release content. Maybe if we sell present TES3MP to some reviewers / streamers as "Early Access" (the most widely used term for unfinished content in gaming industry at the moment), it would probably grab some of their attention. If they pre-order ...